DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo

DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo

Company: Georgia Institute of Technology

Job Title: Research Faculty Member

DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo is a Research Faculty Member at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she engages in research on legal and policy issues concerning cybersecurity and privacy. Peter Swire and Kennedy-Mayo are the co-authors of the 2018 edition of U.S. Private Sector Privacy: Law and Practice for Information Privacy Professionals, IAPP’s book used by those studying for privacy certification. With Swire, Kennedy-Mayo also co-authored the 2017 Emory Law Journal article entitled, “Why Both the EU and US are ‘Stricter’ than Each Other for the Privacy of Government Requests for Information.” This article examined privacy protections provided in EU law as well as those that exist in US law.

Kennedy-Mayo has been an attorney for 15 years. She has spent most of her career working in government, acting as both an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Georgia and as an Assistant District Attorney in several Georgia counties. Kennedy-Mayo’s first professional paper was entitled “In Search of a Balance Between Police Power and Privacy in the Cybercrime Treaty.” The paper was published in the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology in 2002.

Kennedy-Mayo graduated with honors from Emory’s School of Law in 2001. She currently lives in Savannah with her husband, Garrett, and her two sons.