Alex Mathews

Alex Mathews

Company: Positive Technologies

Job Title: Lead Security Evangelist EMEA

Alex Mathews is Lead Security Evangelist EMEA, with special focus on Telecommunications and Critical Infrastructure security. He brings over 15 years of experience, the majority of which was security consulting and testing on telecom (transport and signalling core as well as services edge) and industrial networks (Oil & Gas, Energy T&D) across the world. His extensive experience of working with Operations Technologies has enabled him to be a keen student of multiple industrial processes, which allows to have a pragmatic and balanced view on cyber-security. Leveraging Positive's Services and Product line, he helps customers to achieve the most practical and efficient security solutions, regardless of limitations on either process or other critical resources.

In the past, Alex has worked with organisations like Tech Mahindra, Atos Origin etc in multiple roles ranging from Sr. Security Consultant and Pen testing, to delivering managed operations. In his present role, Alex also considers himself lucky to be an ambassador of Positive Research, one of Europe's largest research teams, with special focus on telecommunications, industrial/process automation, banking and ERP technologies.