Shifting the Human Factors Paradigm in Cybersecurity

The Keynote Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 02:20 to 02:50

This presentation emphasizes the need to break the inertia regarding human factors in cybersecurity by leveraging organizational platforms to educate and address human-centric problems in cybersecurity. Shifting the paradigm on human factors in cybersecurity centers on developing an executive-led platform to address (a) human-centered cybersecurity approaches, (b) the need for human factors assessments, (c) increased appreciation for humans factors as a science, and (d) human derailments in information security. Cybersecurity leaders and practitioners continue to admire the human factors problem without exploring the root-level causes of human-enabled mistakes. One way to address human factors is through an organizational platform. 

What you will take away from this session

  • Educate cybersecurity leaders on the significance of a human factors platform
  • Design operations around the human-centered cybersecurity approach
  • Human factors warrant executive-level attention
  • Organizations need to embrace the science of human factors to reduce human-enabled errors.


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Dr. Calvin Nobles Dr. Calvin Nobles View Profile