A New Approach to Managing Digital Risk

The Keynote Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 10:10 to 10:40

Technology continues to propel entire industries through digital transformations, escalating digital risk, and prompting questions from the C-suite, the BOD, regulators and policy makers. Cyber-risk is the largest facet of digital risk we face going forward. Since cybersecurity is now squarely a business issue; it needs to be managed as such. A business-driven approach to managing digital risk entails taking a risk orientation to designing and operating your security operations. This approach is the only way to ensure that technologies like machine learning and data continue to propel us to our digital future.

What you will take away from this session

  • Risk orientation can enable security operations keep pace with the escalating threat landscape by focusing on what matters most
  • AI and ML will be imperative to deliver pervasive visibility, continuous insight and automated action to security operations
  • User and Entity Behavioral analytics will be essential to understanding cyber risk and accelerating the speed of detection and response
  • Cyber Risk Economics and quantifying cybersecurity in financial terms will enable business stakeholders to finally factor in cybersecurity in business decisions


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