You Build It, You Secure It

The Keynote Theatre

Thu 19th Oct 13:15 to 13:40

Early on in the "cloud" era, Werner Vogels offered his famous quote "You Build It, You Run It". With DevOps this has become a mantra for shared responsibility between developers and operations. Operations learned how to process infrastructure as code and participate early in the supply chain of a service's life cycle. Developers learned that they had responsibilities to enable and in many cases operationalize their service. Now there is a new movement to include and collaborate in a similar way with Security. This is all part of the ideal approach where we "shift everything left" in the delivery pipeline.

What you will take away from this session

  • Learn about how developers and operators can include security in all parts of the delivery pipeline
  • Discover how to implement security gates in the same way as you implement code test gates


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John Willis John Willis View Profile