Adversary Interest: Why you should be interested in what adversaries are interested in…

The Keynote Theatre

Thu 19th Oct 16:30 to 16:55

Everyone is taking on the challenge of adding Security to DevOps… which means DevSecOps is becoming a real thing. With the intention of speeding up how we all operate to make software better, it’s time to turn our attention towards adversaries and what they are doing so we can pay attention to the most important work. You’ll learn how to prioritize what is a seemingly endless supply of security defects to get ahead and stay ahead of adversaries.

What you will take away from this session

  • Learn about DevSecOps
  • Understand how to make security a valuable business asset
  • Discover how to prioritize security defects
  • Enable anyone to address security weaknesses


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Shannon Lietz Shannon Lietz View Profile