In Praise of Private Clouds: A Case Study

The Keynote Theatre

Thu 18th Oct 01:40 to 02:10

Robert Gibbons, Datto’s CTO, will discuss the security and infrastructure advantages of migrating data from a public to a private cloud based on his own experience. Having recently transferred 12 PB of data out of Amazon Web Service, Gibbons will discuss the motivations, challenges, and lessons learned from moving billions of SaaS data objects, one of the largest data migrations in history.

What you will take away from this session

  • The security advantage and support advantage of a private cloud
  • The logistical advantage of being able to personalize the architecture of the cloud to fit your organization’s needs
  • The business continuity advantage of being able to keep data in play without long and costly delays


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Robert Gibbons Robert Gibbons View Profile