Cybersecurity and Data Breaches from a Business Lawyer’s Perspective

The Keynote Theatre

Thu 18th Oct 10:50 to 11:20

The session covers recent data breach cases, the significant change to the legal landscape that is occurring in the cybersecurity and data breach arena and the fact that no company, whether small, medium or large, is immune from liability. It  discusses current and future cybersecurity/data breach legislation and the FTC’s role in regulatory and enforcement actions related to cybersecurity and data breaches. It covers steps that businesses can take to protect themselves before, during and after a data breach and the legal significance of cybersecurity best practices. Finally, it discusses liability for third party vendor breaches and the ins and outs of cyber insurance.  

What you will take away from this session

  • Be aware of their businesses’ cybersecurity and data breach risks
  • Be familiar with current and future cybersecurity and data breach laws and regulations and with cyber insurance
  • Possess pragmatic, specific actionable information regarding how to address the new legal risks that they face
  • Be in a position to justify and explain to senior management and the board of directors why it is crucial to dedicate resources to cybersecurity


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Kathy Winger Kathy Winger View Profile