Make Compliance Management a Competitive Advantage

Network Security, Ransomware & IOT Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 02:20 to 02:50

Often we fall back on examples of penalties to explain our security justifications. But what if we could talk about it as a market mover? What if we could explain how customers are looking for security, and that if we show them that we may get their business? Equally, when we tackle a compliance requirement, we fail to see how it touches on others. By using a central guidance document such as the free critical security controls, we can both see how the work we are doing is improving our security posture and also how it can satisfy other requirements. 

What you will take away from this session

  • How to think about compliance as a business asset
  • How to talk about compliance to other business units
  • How to think about compliance management as it relates to good cyber security best practice
  • How the CIS Controls can be used to help with cross-compliance management


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Ryan Spelman Ryan Spelman View Profile