IoT Cybersecurity: Litigation Risks and Realities

Network Security, Ransomware & IOT Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 03:00 to 03:30

 A tidal wave of litigation over defective IoT cybersecurity is just over the horizon. Everyone involved in any aspect of the supply chain for a defective IoT device is potentially in the cross-hairs. Drawing on his experience as lead counsel in the federal class action lawsuit stemming from Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek’s famous hack of a Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2015, the presentation will explore the legal rules, litigation realities, and exceptional risks associated with IoT litigation, and will provide concrete guidance regarding steps organizations can take now to minimize legal exposure, and what organizations should do if they’re sued.

What you will take away from this session

  • A wave of litigation over IoT liability is on the horizon. The threat may be existential for companies that haven’t properly prepared.
  • Sound cybersecurity design and engineering is paramount, but should be informed and guided by an understanding of liability risk
  • A clear process involving hazard identification, design response, risk assessment, word control programs, and testing, will go a long way to minimizing liability risk, and should help improve cybersecurity as well.
  • The process must be comprehensive, followed, and memorialized.