Defense in depth: Achieving Detection and Response Everywhere

Network Security, Ransomware & IOT Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 01:00 to 01:30

Past and current breaches have proven that a prevention-only strategy can’t ensure 100% protection. EDR has changed the game on the endpoint to provide complete visibility and forensics to find threats sooner, investigate their impact, and prevent them from happening again. Network Detection and Response (NDR) allows organizations to benefit from full packet forensics, threat detection and incident response workflows across the entire network - from traditional enterprise, to cloud, to industrial environments. By bringing together EDR and NDR we can enable the next generation of SOC analysts to gain complete visibility, detection and response from endpoint to network.

What you will take away from this session

  • Understand the value of bringing EDR and NDR together
  • Learn from a real world example of an investigation leveraging endpoint and network detection and response
  • Find out how having detection and response everywhere creates an integrated platform for the next-generation SOC


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Roger Harris Roger Harris View Profile