IoT Wireless Network Threats and Counter-measures

ISSA Theater 4 - Emerging Technology Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 09:40 to 10:10

Current attack vectors indicate that nefarious attacks are increasingly targeting IoT wireless infrastructures. 95% of IoT is wireless, yet most organizations lack a defense-in-depth strategy to address the growing wireless threat landscape consisting of a plethora of new protocols and frequencies including: WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, P25, M2M communications, and more. This has generated a new wireless threat landscape, as these risks and threats target not only the enterprise network, but Shadow IoT networks. Additionally, this increases the risk from nearby threats such as drones, spy cameras, and more. In this presentation we’ll explore the anatomy of these attacks and categorize these threats to develop an updated defense-in-depth strategy for the evolving IoT wireless threat landscape.


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