Introduction to the IoT Security Maturity Model

ISSA Theater 4 - Emerging Technology Theatre

Thu 18th Oct 09:40 to 10:10

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes an integral part of business strategy, the question of securing the IoT environment has come to the forefront. How can you tell if your IoT solution is sufficiently secure to address your needs? Does it address your requirements and threat environment? How do you evaluate the risk consistently? Not all systems need the same level of security: a manufacturing floor is different from a smart lighting system. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) created the IoT Security Maturity Model (SMM) to help organizations address these issues and provide a framework that addresses IoT requirements, the merging of information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT), and the overarching security and trustworthiness goals. The goal of the SMM is to enable IoT providers to invest appropriately in security mechanisms to meet their requirements. In this session, led by one of the authors of the SMM, we will discuss the work done to date and provide an overview of the structure, purpose, usage and extensibility of the model.


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