The Art of the Nudge: Helping Users Make Secure Choices

ISSA Theater 3 - Incident Response, Threat, IAM & Security Awareness Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 10:40 to 12:30

People are almost always the weakest link when it comes to securing our enterprises. We invest millions into controls that prevent data from leaking outside the company in an email, but someone printing out sensitive stuff and leaving it in a coffee shop. What if we could tap into their bias and human nature to influence them in a good way? Behavioral economist Richard H. Thaler and law professor Cass R. Sunstein introduced the concept of the Nudge in 2008, stemming from their work on libertarian paternalism and decades of research and theory before them. They describe a concept of altering human behavior, almost subconsciously, to influence humans to make choices that benefit them. Cybersecurity is full of opportunities to for us to build nudges into daily work, such that we encourage our associates to choose the path that is best for the company, and best for the individual. This session will help the audience become better choice architects, designing choices in a way that take advantage of users automatic brains, thus making better and safer choices for the organization.


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