Integrated Operations at NSA – How Defense is Constantly Challenged to Stay Ahead of the Adversary

ISSA Theater 3 - Incident Response, Threat, IAM & Security Awareness Theatre

Thu 18th Oct 11:40 to 12:30

NSA addresses cybersecurity issues from both a defensive and offensive perspective. NSA’s Cybersecurity Operations Center (NCTOC) has one of the largest 24*7*365 footprints across the US Government as they defend over 3 million Department of Defense users across the globe. Mr. Dave Hogue, Technical Director, will discuss how innovations in policy, technology, and people can lead to break-through results in this operational environment. Computer Network Operations (CNO) is NSA’s premier Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) organization. CNO conducts CNE operations on foreign targets and supports Computer Network Defense (CND) and other computer network operations for the US. Mr. Tim Kosiba is Chief, CNO, and will discuss how a sophisticated adversary would attempt to get around cybersecurity defenses.


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