Transcending Cyber / Privacy / Compliance Silos with a Corporate Compliance Framework

ISSA Theater 2 - Privacy, Regulation and Compliance (Cloud) Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 10:40 to 11:30

The need for privacy and cybersecurity compliance measures has become a paramount consideration as businesses becomes more digitally driven, data breaches become more publicized and regulation continues to increase. Company executives, boards of directors, employees, customers, and third-party providers all have data security obligations. It is critical for compliance, privacy and cyber security to work together to develop a proactive compliance framework to minimize risk as the technology continues to grows by leaps and bounds. In this session, learn how to navigate through complex regulatory environments and enhance policies that adapt to this ever-changing technology footprint. Define cybersecurity measures in the compliance and audit plan
Assess the rise of privacy concerns across the globe
Prepare for the risks associated with emerging technologies (IoT, social media, cloud computing, mobile applications, social engineering, etc.)
Discuss the increasing regulatory requirements to ensure compliance


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Paul Flanagan Paul Flanagan View Profile