Women in Security Panel: Strategies to Step up Your A-Game

ISSA Theater 1 - Professional Development Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 09:40 to 11:10

This panel's purpose is to showcase achievements by women in security in technology and innovation, and presents a picture that others can follow into the future. We will demonstrate the diverse segments of the field, opportunities, and talents and skills that open the doors. We will present developments and advancements in cybersecurity, and share these women's insights who are leading the way. This panel examines core areas of development in security, emphasizing the pivotal contributions of women to the field’s evolution, how security is created, where innovation occurs, what the underpinnings are, and who supports it and how. We will present an overview of the cyber security field. Female security professionals will share their own stories of technology and innovation in security today; the foundation, where research is headed, and the emerging trends. Women currently make up a very small pocket of cyber security staffing. We aim to increase the visibility of women in the field and their contributions and encourage other females to join the field, from executive leadership, to engineers, analysts and researchers.


Photo Speaker Name Profile
Anne Marie Colombo Anne Marie Colombo View Profile
Debbie Christofferson Debbie Christofferson View Profile
Dr. Curtis Campbell Dr. Curtis Campbell View Profile
Mary Ann Davidson Mary Ann Davidson View Profile