The Changing Role of the CSO in Today's Corporate Landscape

ISSA Theater 1 - Professional Development Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 11:20 to 12:10

The role of the Chief Security Officer has continued to evolve in complexity, but also in terms of its importance to the creation of business value. In order to remain successful and keep up with today’s technology landscape, CSOs must reinvent themselves to bridge the gap between the office of the CIO, the office of the CISO, and the office of the CSO--between business optimization and business resiliency. This session will discuss how CSOs can reinvent their security programs to support their organization’s services, processes and facilities to optimize their business for resiliency and success. The session will incorporate Tracy's role as CSO of Everbridge, the leader in critical event management, as well as lessons learned from Fannie Mae’s creative approach to leveraging new technology in the age-old financial industry. It will provide best practices for CSOs looking to be seen as a key partner by leadership, such as focusing on innovation, ROI and new technological advancements.


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