Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare: 21st Century Battleground

ISSA Theater 1 - Professional Development Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 08:30 to 09:30

Economic warfare has been practiced since almost the beginning of time through various means including blockades, trade embargoes, and freezing capital assets. The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies has defined a new kind of warfare termed Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare (CEEW). CEEW is distinguished from other types of cyber-attacks by the motivation and strategy of the nation-state attacker. CEEW is a hostile strategy involving attack(s) against a nation using cyber technology with the intent to weaken its economy and thereby reduce its political and military power. This talk will provide a foundation for what CEEW is, along with some classic examples and justification for broadening our scope to view certain cyber events not as isolated security incidents, but rather as events that when aggregated, form campaigns of 'death by a thousand cuts.'


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