How to Stop Fake News, Phishing, Spam and All Sorts of Internet Evil Using Analogue Network Security

Cyber Hack Theatre

Thu 18th Oct 09:30 to 10:20

Winn’s latest book, Analogue Network Security, seeks to cure major issues that plague the internet today. He will discuss the ideas from his book and answer many challenging questions. Like how can we be SURE online claims are true even when they are from anonymous sources? Should technical vulnerabilities be exposed and what is the impact on the tech company? Can we believe governments when they say “trust us…it’s confidential”, and is there a way to prove trust or to regain it once it’s lost? Winn asks a lot of bold questions but he makes up for it with bold answers.

What you will take away from this session

  • The Value Proposition of Truth overview
  • Fake Technical News: What is the role of the media and hacker community?
  • How does this apply to technical disclosure of bugs, errors, security flaws: should they be published or not?
  • How do Forensics firm (Crowdstrike, FireEye, Penetration Testing Teams, etc.) figure into this?


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Winn Schwartu Winn Schwartu View Profile