The GDPR Effect on North America and the Land Mines Currently Being Planted

Cloud, Mobile & IAM Theatre

Wed 17th Oct 01:40 to 02:10

The current national data privacy law was enacted in 1974, long before we had the world wide web. The current General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union is an update to the Data Protection Directive of 1995, another statute made obsolete by the explosion of accessible data from the Internet.

The GDPR is a monumental piece of legislation out of the EU that is creating a domino effect of state’s legislation in the US. This session will review the GDPR’s affect here in the U.S., what’s on the radar for U.S. legislation and a use case of a breach that spans pre- and post-GDPR, where the fine could be $640k or $22 million. With this new E.U. legislation, data security compliance and auditing will never be the same.

What you will take away from this session

  • Why data security continues to be a problem
  • The origins of the GDPR
  • The GDPR’s affect on every organization that collects data
  • Legislative data security land mines and how to mitigate risk


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