How to Keep a Productive Pace with the Risk in Your Cloud

Cloud, Mobile & IAM Theatre

Thu 19th Oct 10:10 to 10:40

As traditional cybersecurity perimeters dissolve, the HUMAN POINT is what remains. Most of your employees have adopted the cloud. And while your BYOD policy has increased productivity and lowered operating costs, cloud-based apps like Office 365, Dropbox and Salesforce need protection to prevent account-centric threats, meet compliance requirements and protect critical data. How can companies maintain their productive pace while maintaining regulatory and security controls?

What you will take away from this session

  • What are the gaps in cloud app security and how does CASB address them?
  • How do you understand the normal rhythm of users’ behavior?
  • How do you respond to risks in real-time?
  • Are there assessments currently in place that can help me identify individuals within my organization that pose the most risk, security incidents and overall risk?


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Bradley Philp Bradley Philp View Profile