Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Best Practices and Tips for Successful Implementation

Cloud, Mobile & IAM Theatre

Thu 18th Oct 02:20 to 02:40

One of the main goals of RBAC is to establish the Principle of Least Privileges and grant employees only the access they need to do their jobs. Grouping common access permissions into roles provides a secure and efficient way of managing access and helps keep things simple for administrators the users requesting access. RBAC has become the standard for managing access to IT resources in industry and government. Implementation of RBAC in an enterprise often becomes a major and daunting task. Adopting some of the best practices early in the implementation of RBAC program will ensure successful delivery of the program within the enterprise.

What you will take away from this session

  • Best practices and Tips for a successful RBAC Program
  • Things to avoid which can result in a failure of RBAC program
  • Things to consider before implementing Roles in an organization
  • Role Maintenance Tips


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